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One TV program really pleased me while ago... The shield.

Captain of the police guard got assaulted and he was raped by two other men. When he finally tells the truth what has been bothering him so much lately to his wife. The wife feels disgust and hate towards her husband. Imagine if man would react like that to his wife's rape? I really liked it. The superman image got crumbled and true empathy of women was shown. Lot of women have this "hee huu! I am a girl. I am silly and I can do anything" attitude that makes them complete idiots. They expect men to be romantic icons. Dreams. pfft... They just can't face the reality.

Another thing I saw was documentary that told how lonely chinese men are starting to round up because China's one child policy. This man basically just told that he has nothing to offer for women and that women want nice furniture, and blaah blaah. Can you blame chinese women for turning into western women? It is in women's genes to get good husband which they can suck up dry. Just because you have wrapped yourself in materialism it doesn't make you any more special. It is basically about money only, not personality. Of course, high class money life requires certain attitude like admiration for western, white beauty. Meaning that those eye surgeries that japanese take to look more western isn't far away from urban chinese society.

Women have to be here and make us all sick.
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