Matti (diin) wrote in women_zombies,

The war against salamanders continues. You try to stop mankind!

If we could go back to the topic where I talked about "famous" misogynistic men, who made a big print in this world. Well, I have noticed that the hive mind of women have two ways to handle this embarrassing truth that these great men have spurred out during their time in this little planet.

First, they try to rewrite the history. This is very similar with the Che Guevara supporters. They simply leave certain things out, but what philosophy doesn't need the fourth leg? It is funny how much Guevara wikipedia page has been violated to please the rich, left wing that actually is more interested in their own egos rather than social equality. Women act very similar way with great men, who happened to see through their act. They simply remodel them. It is horrible.

If the man hasn't managed to get big status for himself then women will simply eliminate every pleasant bit of information about him.
Maybe this is why all the other women hate communities are so secretive. I myself haven't had the desire to destroy individuality's history and stomp on anyone to make asphalt for relationship roads since dark ages of school&youth but it looks like women never really grow up emotionally to get through of it. Women love to make it personal and create dark icons of martyrs with the pack. I guess that is the only way to get any respect in their world.
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