Matti (diin) wrote in women_zombies,


First woman must stop the zoophilia (I consider men who they date to be animals).

Then we can start negotiations. Oh, how shall woman pay her crimes against humanity??? hmmm. First she must take tests for all the possible sexually transmitted diseases and then go to offer her pussy to the losers providing the list of her STDs, then the nerd can decide what to do with her. Physical and emotional violence are options.

Maybe then I can respect a woman as a decent human being who has feelings.

or not! Maybe then I laugh at her and send her back in her vanity world to suffer the scars of being with "losers". Although woman are so great liars that they could survive. Anyway, NO MERCY FOR WOMEN!

Oh, yeah. Women have no problem offering pussy to assholes and getting beaten by them, so what would be so different doing the same thing with losers? Maybe western world's suicide ratings for men would drop 80% and humanity would enter into another golden age because science and culture would get enormous mega boost.

ah, but there is no hope for that kind of dream, brothers. It is either submission or death in this world.
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