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Truth shall set me free

All that misery through my lost youth. Why? It was so simple. Women never wrote those beautiful songs or those exciting books. They never made interesting films or ever said anything interesting. Women are dull, boring but my desire for sex drove me to worship false gods. Damn, my genes. I wish I was gay. I feel so much shame for my sexual desire towards women when they simply are school bullies.

Bullies and females work very similar way. They try to archive individuality and power with ways that are simply horrible. No matter what the academic marks are with women. They simply are pure evil.

I am a believer of technological singularity and one of the most horrible images I have about homo sapien's destruction is that the genetic engineering leashes would be in the hands of woman. The woman irrationality and vanity would create "fourth kingdom" in this world. Can you imagine that? Already now women are cutting parts of their sons' penises to make it "look better".

MEN! It is time to fight for humanity. Show that you are not a corrupted and you can fight against the desire of pussy. FIGHT BACK! Take your life back. I shall defend the spring of intelligence, creativity and empathy from women to my death.
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You make a valid point. Compare Francis Ford Coppola's masterpieces, like, say, The Godfather or Apocalypse Now, to the utter banality of his daughter's films, the recent Marie Antoinette being a good example.