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If so called Ayn Rand is a great individualist, how come her books consist mainly normal romantic crap. But I would like to thank Ayn Rand for helping me to dig the deep grave of women credibility.

What is enough for women??? There is no limit of how much women can desire money/sex/power. No one can ever please a woman. Do you know zombies keep eating even if they don't have stomach? and they only want fresh meat.

I have no idea how come I have ever tolerated women. It must have been because of my sexuality. Let's be honest men, women are not funny or clever. We simply tolerate all their bad qualities like uncontrolled selfishness just because of the sex. Some guys (the most wanted by the women) see women also as some kind of cleaning objects that satisfy social status and work on strict heritages roles.

and women. oh, how full of shit they are. I heard Gary Glitter is getting death penalty in vietnam for messing around with pre-teens (12-14 year old). Typical prick. Well, of course women can only forgive to real stars, like Jimmy Page, David Bowie and Peter Townshed for messing around with little kids. Double standards in your face.


Here are official instructions how to build a shelter against women:

-Step one-

Sell your television and remove all sorts of narcotics from your daily life.

-Step two-

Let your zits follow your surrendering hair line.

-Step three-

Instead of violent drinking place with fellow lions, spend time in library.

Thank you for you attention citizen. You have now build approved shelter by the code, and you are now free from women's lies, psychotic hate and company, but watch out for the fallout.
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