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My dream date

I like mute girls. For dinner we would have GHB or some sort of Rohypnol and for rest of the evening we would do a surprise trip to Somalia, where the woman would lose her clitoris by real pros. What a dream date!

Since I am so critical towards the useless gender. I might as well write all that complex critic they want to express towards me through all kind of language barriers:


ah, that should take the words right out of women's mouth.

yep, I guess all the shrinks would like to brainwash me to be pussy worshiper that never raises head from his deep bow towards pussy.
Gosh, I wish I were gay. I could have survived from evil ways of the women. They point the gun and let the time press the trigger.

I guess all the LJs by females in here prove my theories but I like to point out the section of my holy scripts that point the existence of satan among us:

Don't fall into despair losers. Do not kill yourselves! You have right to live in your society, no matter how women try to press you down. The patriarch system can't protect you anymore, but you don't have to be part of women's ideal man. Biologically perfect machine, who's traits are violence and submission. You can be nerds and dorks. You just won't get any pussy. I know it is a high prize for every heterosexual man, but it is worth of it. There is nothing more I hate than an ex-loser who changes his everything he is to get closer to women. A man who throws his identity/ intelligence away for the sake of pussy. Finally, getting sex from some cheap whore. That is like some jewish man, who survived holocaust and then went to middle-east to throw arabs in mass graves. No mercy for the traitors!!! Once you have been a victim of women and violent men, there are some obligations!
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